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Protecting your premises with Guard Dogs

The British bulldog although small in size compared to much larger dogs like a Doberman or a German Shepherd Dog – the English bulldog is very menacing to look at, and if you are intimidated by the look of any dog much less the British Bull Dog – it is for good reason, its heavy and compact size has given this breed of dog a well earned reputation for fighting. Dog fighting is illegal and is in no way encouraged or glorified.

Some home owners have been know to buy these types of dogs to protect their family or home, protecting you home with a dog is often cheaper and much more rewarding than buying a intruder alarm, and in many cases very effective. As long as that sign “beware of the dog” is evident on the door or the side gate, it is usually enough to discourage visitors much less intruders. In addition the cost benefits, imagine the costs of having 24 hour residential security guardscompared to owning a guard dog. Owning a dog is more popular in some areas of the country than others and treating dogs as a a member of the family is dependent on culture and religion. Some religious beliefs deter its followers from touching a dog...

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